How To Boost WiFi Signal & Increase Speed

WiFi VS Cable Modem Speed

WiFi Speeds VS. Modem Speeds

Every once in a while we get the question “Why is my wireless speed slower than my subscribed internet speed?” Here are some tips to boost WiFi signals & speed.

In short, a WiFi network (router) speed will probably not be the same as the Internet speed to your cable modem. However, there are some things you can do to speed up your wireless signal.

Improve Wireless Router Signals
Router Placement Is Key
  1. Find a Central Location: Look for a good central location for your router. Distance will hinder the speed you receive if your router is far away from any device. Centering the router in the middle of the house (or in the middle of all your devices) ensures all devices can get the proper speeds.

Remove Obstacles To Increase Distance and Speed

2. Remove Obstacles: Placing the router in a basement and using the signal upstairs is not a good idea. Place the router in the best location by removing as many obstacles as possible. This includes walls, floors, and other large objects. Other obstacles that could interfere are other wireless devices like baby monitors.

WiFi Router Wall Obstacle
WiFi Router Wall Obstacle

Boost WiFi Signal

Too Much Connected To Router
Overloaded Router

3. Too Many Connected Devices: Let’s face it, we live in an Internet reliable world. More and more devices are connecting to the Internet for smarter homes. However, the more you have connected, the slower the speeds will be to each device. So, one best way to boost a WiFi signal is to only connect devices that are currently in use.

Even when devices are “sleeping,” they can still use your wireless network to download updates and perform syncing services in the background. Try turning off connected devices when they are not in use.

4. Create a Very Secure Password: Having a secure network password helps ensure that the people around your home are not using your WiFi. Hiding your network from view increases security. This can all be done through your router’s app or network login page. Check the manufacturer’s manual for how to login into the settings of your router.

Secure Your Router With A Strong Password
Secure Your Router

Update Out-Of-Date Routers and Extenders

Update Router

5. Update Equipment: Improve wireless router signals by using at least a wireless AC router, the most widely used today. An 802.11AC or WiFi-5 router provides faster speeds and covers more sq. ft. Don’t use outdated technology. This would include wireless B, G, N routers. These are still available, mostly wireless N, but should definitely be avoided. Wireless AX or WiFi-6 is now out and is widely accepted by device manufacturers. These routers offer even better performance than the previous wireless 5 routers.

  • Mesh Networking: Mesh networking is quite popular today. So much so, manufacturers have assembled mesh networks in a package. This would include a router and one or more WiFi extenders. However, you can add your own WiFi extender to most existing WiFi-5 of WiFi-6 routers. An extender plugs into any outlet and creates a broader reach of your router’s WiFi. You can add one or many to complete a better WiFi experience. One good example of an expandable mesh network is the NETGEAR Orbi Mesh AX4200 WiFi System.

6. Nothing Beats a Wired Connection: There are a couple of different ways to accomplish a wired network. The most common way is by using the Ethernet ports on the back of the router. But, this can be cumbersome and tricky when it comes to devices that are away from your router, perhaps in another room. View Amazon’s selection of Ethernet cables.

Ethernet Cable
  • MoCA Network: MoCA uses the home’s existing coax cable wires to create a wired network. A router may have MoCA capabilities built-in. However, you would need a special MoCA adapter at each coax jack where you’d like a wired connection. In addition, you need an adapter that inputs the MoCA signal into the coax wiring if your router does not have a coax out port for MoCA. Check out MoCA devices on Amazon.
  • Networking Through Power Lines: Similar to MoCA, you can set up a wired network with homes’ existing power lines. The advantage of this over MoCA is there are more options for adapter locations because there are more outlet locations in a home than coax jacks.

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