XFINITY Compatible Modems

xfinity modems 2021 list

xfinity modems 2021 list

This list of XFINITY Compatible Modems is reviewed and continuously updated. You will also find below the best cable modem for XFINITY by type. These are not just the best in our opinion. They are highly recommended by other experts in our field. We’ve coupled this data with true ratings and reviews for real customers who have used these new modems exclusively with XFINITY Internet.

Selecting a New XFINITY Modem

Before selecting a new cable modem for XFINITY, you should be aware of this important info. All DOCSIS 3.1 modems for sale now are backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 with 32×8 channel bonding. Additionally, all modems built with the faulty Intel Puma 6 Chipset are not listed here for your convenience. All 8×4 modems have also been eliminated as they are at or near end-of-life.

We have also omitted all XFINITY modems with the outdated wireless N technology. With those removed, we now only have AC & AX, with AX being the latest release. Also, note that the numeric digits following the AC or AX in the wireless column are the speed of the wireless transmission. For example, AC3200 would be a wireless AC modem that has a wireless speed of 3200 Mbps / 3.2 Gbps.

Standard XFINITY Modems (No WiFi)

A stand-alone cable modem receives the cable Internet signal from your provider. From there, the signal can be sent via an Ethernet cable to ONE device. That can either be a PC or a game system. Additionally, a router can be connected to add more wired ports and wireless signals to multiple devices.

Best Cable Modem For XFINITY – ARRIS Surfboard SB6183-RB

The ARRIS SB6183 is the best-selling cable modem for XFINITY customers. Reason 1, it is capable of 300 Mbps & lower speeds, which 82% of customers subscribe to. Secondly, ARRIS is the #1 manufacturer of cable modems. The SB6183 has 16×4 channel bonding making it a DOCSIS 3.0 modem.

After testing and reviewing the SB6183 on our Comcast XFINITY 400 Mbps plan, we can say we are happy with this cable modem.

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Standard XFINITY Compatible Modems List

Brand / MPNDOCSIS 3.0DOCSIS 3.1Top Speed (Mbps)08/26/21
ASUS CM-1616×4No300N/A
Motorola MB742016×4No300$57.99
Motorola MB762124×8No600$77.98
NETGEAR CM50016×4No300$45.25
NETGEAR CM60024×8No600$74.99
TP-Link TC-762016×4No300N/A
TP-Link TC-765024×8No600N/A
ARRIS S3332×8Yes1200$199.99
ARRIS SB820032×8Yes1200$142.11
Motorola MB860032×8Yes800$149.98
NETGEAR CM100032×8Yes800$149.99
NETGEAR CM110032×8Yes800$129.99
NETGEAR CM120032×8Yes800$199.73
NETGEAR CM200032×8Yes1200$199.99


All XFINITY DOCSIS 3.1 modems are backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 with 32×8 channel bonding. Modems with WiFi are listed with the wireless type (AC or AX) followed by the wireless speed. For example, the SBG8300 has wireless AC that operates at 2350 Mbps. Wireless AC is a.k.a WiFi-5. Wireless AC is a.k.a WiFi-6, making it the latest wireless technology available.

Best DOCSIS 3.1 XFINITY Cable Modem – ARRIS SURFboard SB8200

From the ARRIS SURFboard list comes the first DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem, the ARRIS SB8200. If you subscribe to Gigabit services from Comcast XFINITY, then this may be the modem you need.

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Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 Modems List

Brand / MPNVoiceWiFiTop XFINITY Speed
ARRIS SURFboard S33NoNo1200$199.99
ARRIS SURFboard SBG8300NoAC2350800 $296.98
ARRIS SURFboard T25YesNo800$199.00
ASUS CMAX6000NoAX6000800$349.99
Motorola MB8600NoNo800$149.98
Motorola MB8611NoNo1200$158.99
Motorola MG8702NoAC3200800$269.99
NETGEAR CM1000NoNo800$149.99
NETGEAR CM1100NoNo800$129.99
NETGEAR CM1150VYesNo800$249.99
NETGEAR CM1200NoNo800$199.73
NETGEAR CM2000NoNo1200$199.99
NETGEAR CM2050VYesNo1200$242.97
NETGEAR CAX30 / CAX30SNoAX2700800$312.18
NETGEAR CAX80NoAX60001200$384.00
NETGEAR CBR750NoAX4200800$379.99
NETGEAR C7800YesAC3200800$329.99
ARRIS G34 / G36NoNot Yet Known1200Not Yet Known

XFINITY Gateway / Modem & Router

XFINITY gateways are more commonly referred to as modem and router combos. With a WiFi modem, the router is build-in and offers an all-in-one unit. It typically has four wired Ethernet ports and can support multiple wireless devices in the home. These are more expensive because you don’t have to buy a separate router.

Best Comcast WiFi Modem – NETGEAR Nighthawk WiFi 6 Cable Modem Router

Built for the fastest speeds available today, the CAX30S is ready to take your home network to the next level. It features the latest in wireless technology, WiFi 6. The CAX30S is DOCSIS 3.1 ready as well and comes with one free year of NETGEAR Armor.

Comcast XFINITY Compatible Modem Routers List

Brand / MPNWireless TypeDOCSIS 3.1VoiceDOCSIS 3.0Top Speed
ARRIS SBG10AC1600NoNo16×4300$112.04
ARRIS SBG6900ACAC1900NoNo16×4300N/A
ARRIS SBG6950AC2AC1900NoNo16×4300$134.00
ARRIS SBG7400AC2AC2350NoNo24×8600$147.95
ARRIS SBG8300AC2350YesNo32×8800$296.98
ARRIS SVG2482ACAC1750NoYes24×8600$168.25
ASUS CMAX6000AX6000YesNo32×8800$349.99
Linksys CG7500AC1900NoNo24×8600N/A
Motorola MG7540AC1600NoNo16×4300$129.98
Motorola MG7550AC1900NoNo16×4300$129.99
Motorola MG8702AC3200YesNo32×8800$269.99
Motorola MT7711AC1900NoYes24×8600$186.99
NETGEAR C6230AC1200NoNo16×4300$80.67
NETGEAR C6900AC1900NoNo24×8600$219.70
NETGEAR C7000AC1900NoNo24×8600$189.99
NETGEAR C7100VAC1900NoYes24×8600$249.99
NETGEAR CAX30AX2700YesNo32×8800$312.18
NETGEAR CAX80AX6000NoYes32×8800$384.00
NETGEAR CBR40AC2200NoNo32×8800N/A
NETGEAR CBR750AX4200YESNo32×8800$379.99
TP-Link Archer CR500AC1200NoNo16×4300N/A
TP-Link Archer CR700AC1750NoNo16×4300$95.99

XFINITY Voice Modems (eMTA)

As with the aforementioned modems, a telephony modem can have a built-in router or be used with a separate router. Only some cable companies allow the use of third-party eMTA modems, so be sure to check on your provider’s page here. This law doesn’t apply to the FCC regulations due to the sophistication of the modems for XFINITY and how they are set up by each provider. Looking at the back of this modem you will see two telephone ports at the top. Below that, you see one yellow ethernet port which is used to connect to a single device such as a router or TV.

Best Comcast Voice Modem – Motorola MT7711

The Motorola MT7711 is the best-rated voice modem for Comcast customers. It is perfect for any speed tier up to and including 600 Mbps. This would also include Extreme, Extreme Pro, Blast, and other Internet tiers.

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Comcast Voice Modem List

Brand / MPNWiFiDOCSIS 3.0DOCSIS 3.1Top Speed08/26/21
ARRIS SBV2402No24×8No600 Mbps$79.99
ARRIS SVG2482ACAC175024×8No600 Mbps$168.25
ARRIS T25No32×8Yes800 Mbps$190.02
Motorola MT7711AC190024×8No600 Mbps$186.99
NETGEAR C7100VAC190024×8No600 Mbps$249.99
NETGEAR CM500VNo16×4No300 Mbps$69.95
NETGEAR CM1150VNo32×8Yes800 Mbps$249.99
NETGEAR CM2050VNo32×8Yes1.2 Gbps$242.97

Comcast Internet Speeds vs Modem Requirements

  • Performance Starter (25 Mbps) & Performance (100 Mbps) – Require a modem with at least 8×4 channel bonding
  • Blast! (200 Mbps) & Extreme (300 Mbps) – The compatible modem must be at least a 16×4 modem
  • Extreme Pro (600 Mbps) – Must use at least a 24×8 bonded modem
  • XFINITY Gig & Gigabit Pro – Must use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem

XFINITY Assistance, Support & Resources

Need help finding something on Comcast? View our XFINITY assistance and resource list below to get help from Comcast. Get assistance with your account, see the current outage map, get support, and more. Also, find deals on Comcast Internet with the link below. Return to the top to see all XFINITY compatible modems.

Now is the time to sign up for the Emergency Broadband Benefit with Comcast. Even if you’re already a subscriber, you can get up to $50 off your monthly bill. Benefit amounts are based on household sizer and income. View more information on Emergency Broadband Benefit.

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  2. ARRIS SURFboard XFINITY Voice Modems – Kick your network into high gear with modems optimized for use with Xfinity Internet and Voice Service.
  3. NETGEAR WiFi Cable Modems: Two-in-one modem routers optimize internet speeds and WiFi performance while helping you save on equipment rental fees.

For XFINITY Service – Call 1-800-XFINITY or try The XFINITY Assistant