XFINITY Compatible Modems ARRIS Motorola Netgear 2021
XFINITY Compatible Modems 2021

Look through and review the list of XFINITY modems. We help you make an informed decision before you buy a new XFINITY modem. Find the best cable modem for your Comcast Internet tier. We breakdown the list of modems for XFINITY so you can view them by type including No WiFi, Modem / Routers, Voice Modems.

List Of Standard XFINITY Compatible Modems

These XFINITY modems in this section are all stand-alone DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems. They do not have any WiFi or voice capabilities. The modems can be used with one device or a separate router. View voice and WiFi Comcast modems below.

XFINITY Cable Modems No WiFi
ImageModem ModelAvailable
NETGEAR CM600 Cable Modem ReviewNETGEAR CM600
Best Modem For XFINITY
Rank # 1
Blast (200 Mbps)
Extreme (300 Mbps)
Extreme Pro (600 Mbps)
24 x 8

ARRIS SURFboard SB6183 Cable ModemARRIS SB6183
Rank # 2
16 x 4
Tiers Up To Extreme 300 Mbps
Comcast XFINITY Cable Modem Netgear CM500NETGEAR CM500
Rank # 3
16 x 4
Tiers Up To 300
Motorola MB7420 Cable ModemMotorola MB7420
Rank # 4
16 x 4
Speeds Up To 300
ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 8x4 Cable ModemARRIS SB6141
Rank # 5
8 x 4
Tiers Up To Blast! 200
Netgear CM400 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable ModemNETGEAR CM400
8 x 4
Blast 200 Mbps
TP-Link TC-7610 XFINITY Compatible ModemTP-Link TC-7610
8 x 4
Blast! 200 Mbps
Motorola MB7420 Cable ModemMotorola MB7220
8 x 4
Blast! 200 Mbps
TP-Link TC-7620 Comcast Cable Modem.jpgTP-Link TC-7620
16 x 4
Extreme 300 Mbps
Tp-Link TC-7650 XFINITY ModemTP-Link TC-7650
24 x 8
Extreme Pro 600 Mbps
Bad Puma 6 Chipset
See Intel Puma 6
Class Action
NETGEAR CM700 Cable Modem ComcastNETGEAR CM700
Bad Puma 6 Chipset
See Above Link
Linksys CM3024 Comcast Internet ModemLinksys CM3024
Bad Puma 6 Chipset
See Above Link
Top 5 XFINITY Modems List – No WiFi / No Voice

XFINITY Modem Router Combo / Compatible Gateways

These modems are XFINITY gateways. Most refer to them as a modem router combo. With a built-in router, no other additional equipment is needed.

XFINITY WiFi Cable Modems
XFINITY Modem Router Gateways

Modem Model Channels Down x Up Top Speed Mbps WiFi
Best XFINITY Modem Router / Gateway
Wi-Fi 5 AC1600 dual-band concurrent Wi-Fi Router with 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports
Setup and manage your network with the SURFboard Manager app
16×4 400 AC1600
NETGEAR C6220 8×4 100 AC1200
TP-Link ARCHER CR500 16×4 300 AC1200
Motorola MG7700 24×8 600 AC1600
ARRIS SBG6700-AC 8×4 200 AC1600
NETGEAR C6250 16×4 300 AC1600
Motorola MG7540 16×4 300 AC1600
ARRIS SBG6782AC 8×4 200 AC1750
NETGEAR C6300 16×4 300 AC1750
TP-Link ARCHER CR700 16×4 300 AC1750
Zoom 5363 8×4 200 AC1900
ARRIS SBG6900-AC 16×4 300 AC1900
ARRIS SBG6950AC 16×4 300 AC1900
Motorola MG7550 16×4 300 AC1900
NETGEAR C6900 24×8 600 AC1900
NETGEAR C7000 24×8 600 AC1900
TP-Link CR1900 24×8 600 AC1900
Linksys CG7500 24×8 600 AC1900
ARRIS SBG7600AC2 32×8 925 AC2350
NETGEAR C7800 32×8 1000 AC3200
NETGEAR C7500 24×8 1000 AC3200
NETGEAR CBR40 32×8 900 AC2200

Comcast XFINITY Modems DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Modems List

Comcast XFINITY Modems DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Modems List
Comcast XFINITY DOCSIS 3.1 Modems

All of the modems in this list are DOCSIS 3.1 XFINITY modems. Some have WiFi capabilities and others do not. The same goes for voice capabilities. All current 3.1 modems are backward compatible with 3.0 as a 32×8 modem.

Modem Model
Top Speed
WiFi Speed Voice
Best Comcast DOCSIS 3.1 Modem
AC2350 dual-band Wi-Fi router
Four 1-Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Surfboard Manager app for iOS and Android
1000 AC2300 X
ARRIS SURFboard S33 3500 X X
Motorola MG8702 6000 AC3200 X
Motorola MB8600 1000 X X
ARRIS SURFboard SB8200 1000 X X
NETGEAR CM1000 1000 X X
NETGEAR C7800 1000 AC3200 X
2000 X X
NETGEAR Nighthawk CAX80 1000 AX6000 X
ARRIS SURFboard T25 1000 X YES
NETGEAR CM2000 2500 X X
NETGEAR CBR750 6000 AX4200 X
NETGEAR CM1100 2000 X X

XFINITY Comcast Voice Modems

All of the modems in this list are approved for voice services with Comcast. Some have WiFi capabilities and others do not. Some are DOCSIS 3.1 and some are DOCSIS 3.0. Easily sort the list by clicking or touching table header row labels.

XFINITY Comcast Voice Modems
XFINITY Voice Modems
Modem Model
Top Speed
WiFi Speed
Best XFINITY Voice Modem
Certified to work with Xfinity Internet & Voice service
DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem
2 Telephony ports for Xfinity digital voice service
Best for Xfinity internet speed plans up to 2 Gbps
2×2 32×8 1000 X
NETGEAR CM2050V 2×2 32×8 2500 X
NETGEAR CM1150V 2×2 32×8 1000 X
NETGEAR CM500V X 16×4 300 X
ARRIS SURFboard SVG2482AC X 32×8 600 AC1750
ARRIS SURFboard TM822R X 8×4 200 X
NETGEAR C7100V X 24×8 600 AC1900
Motorola MT7711 X 24×8 600 AC1900
ARRIS SURFboard SBV3202 X 32×8 600 X

Xfinity Internet Plans: XFINITY Modems Speed

Performance Starter – 25 Mbps
Performance – 100 Mbps
Blast! – 200 Mbps
Extreme – 300 Mbps
Extreme Pro – 600 Mbps
XFINITY Gig / Gigabit – 1,000 Mbps / 1 Gbps
Gigabit Pro – 2000 Mbps / 2 Gbps​

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What Is The Best Modem For Comcast?

We here at Approved Modems believe the NETGEAR CM500 is the best modem for Comcast. However, this is only true for customers with speeds by XFINITY up to 300 Mbps. If you have a higher tier or wish to have a WiFi modem, you’ll find the other options here.

What Modem Does Comcast Use?

One of the most recent modems Comcast leases to its customers is the ARRIS TG3482G. It is not available to purchase and can only be rented from Comcast. Find a comparable modem for your XFINITY service here.

Can I Buy My Own Modem To Use With Comcast?

Yes, you can, as long as it is on the approved modems list here. There are many options and finding the correct one for your service can be cumbersome. Use our guided steps to find the right modem for your speed and services.

More Comcast XFINITY Cable Modems

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  • ARRIS SURFboard S33 Modem Details & Review
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  • NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V XFINITY Voice Modem Review
    NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V Features Optional Battery Backup  – Sold separately – 5 to 8 hours of phone service during a power outage. Battery for C7100V on Amazon 24 x 8 Channel Bonding 2 Telephone Jacks  AC1900 WiFi Router Built-In 2 USB Ports Beamforming Technology – Reliable WiFi speeds and coverage Netgear Product Description The NETGEAR Nighthawk C7100V is…
  • Motorola MT7711 XFINITY Voice WiFi Modem Review
    ​​ ​The Motorola MT7711 is the newest WiFi cable modem with voice capabilities. It is currently only approved for Comcast Voice customers. ​The Motorola MT7711 provides for speeds up to 650Mbps. Also, it has a built-in AC1900 WiFi router with Power Boost and AnyBeam beamforming providing a longer range than most modem and router combos….
  • ARRIS SURFboard T25 XFINITY Voice Modem
    ​​ ​The ARRIS SURFboard T25 is exclusively made for XFINITY voice subscribers with any Internet tiers up to 10 Gbps. The T25 is one of the newest Comcast voice modems available to buy and is DOCSIS 3.1 ready. This modem will have to be used with a separate WiFi router. The T25 does not have…

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