Vyve Broadband Cable Modems

Vyve customers can lease or purchase a modem from Vyve when they sign up for Internet services. In addition, customers may purchase their own modem at retail. However, if you subscribe to Vyve’s XStream TV DTAs and whole-home DVR products, these devices can only work with MoCA modems. Therefore, you have to lease a modem from Vyve.

Customers who choose to use equipment that they provide are free to attach any device, including modems, to their service as long as it does not harm the network. Vyve’s network uses the DOCSIS technology standard to exchange Internet data with its customers. Vyve currently recommends the use of at least a DOCSIS 3.0 certified modem. The use of a non-compliant modem may lead to service interruption in the case of network updates.

Three modems that we, Approved Modems, know work with Vyve services are the ARRIS SB6183, ARRIS SBG6580, and NETGEAR CM1000.