Motorola Cable Modems

motorola mg7700 xfinity wifi cable modem
motorola mg7700 xfinity wifi cable modem

Compare the multiple Motorola Zoom cable modems to find the best one for your service and needs. Whether you are looking for a WiFi modem/router combo, standard cable modem, or a voice-compatible modem, easily find what you’re looking for here. Wireless N is older technology. N WiFi modems are included for reference. Wireless AC is the most widely used today. However, AX is gaining momentum.

Motorola MT7711 XFINITY Voice WiFi Modem
The Motorola MT7711 is the latest WiFi cable modems built with voice capabilities. It is currently

Motorola MG8702 XFINITY Modem Router
Motorola MG8702 The latest release from Motorola in the line of cable modem router combos is the

​​Motorola MG7550 WiFi Cable Modem
​​ The Motorola MG7550 is one of the latest released WiFi cable modems. It features 16 dow

Motorola MB7420 16×4 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem
​​ The Motorola MB7420 has built-in lightning and surge protection circuits for pro

Motorola MB8611 XFINITY Gigabit Modem
Motorola MB8611 Box View Recently, the Motorola MB8611 was released from Zoom under the Motorola

Motorola MG7540 WiFi Cable Modem Router
​​ The Motorola MG7540 features 16 x 4 channel bonding and has a built-in AC1600 WiFi rou