Compatible Modems For XFINITY – 2021 List

Modems For XFINITY
XFINITY Modems 2021

Modems for XFINITY are updated on a weekly basis. We let you know what Comcast modems are worth (and not worth) buying with our buyer ratings. Easily find the best compatible modem for your individual XFINITY Internet tier and services.

Three Different Types Of Modems

There are 3 types of modems, from a basic standpoint. There are standard cable modems, WiFi cable modems (gateways), and voice modems. We take a look at and review each of the aforementioned below.

Comcast Modems – No Voice / No WiFi

No WiFi XFINITY Modems

Standard Cable Modem (No WiFi) – A stand-alone cable modem receives the cable Internet signal from your provider. From there, the signal can be sent via an Ethernet cable to ONE device. That can either be a PC or a game system. Additionally, a router can be connected to add more wired ports and wireless signals to multiple devices. This is the most typical in today’s high demand for in-home WiFi. Most believe that this is the best choice when buying a new cable modem. A separate router can work better with increased speeds and greater distances. Also, with two separate units, if one burns out down the road, it’s cheaper to replace an individual device. View More XFINITY Compatible Modems.

XFINITY Modem Router Combo

XFINITY Modem Router

WiFi Cable Modem / Cable Modem Router Combo / Gateway – Modems for XFINITY commonly referred to as a modem/router combo. With a WiFi modem, the router is build-in and offers an all-in-one unit. It typically has four wired Ethernet ports and can support multiple wireless devices in the home. These are more expensive because you don’t have to buy a separate router. WiFi modems will sometimes have visual external antennas or may not be seen if they are internal. Most made today have internal antennas.

XFINITY Modem Router / Gateways – View More Than 20 Other Compatible Gateways For Comcast. You will find additional information and which modems we think are the best and not so great.

Modems For XFINITY Compatible With Voice

comcast telephone voice emta modems

Voice Modem / Telephony Modem / eMTA – As with the aforementioned modems, a telephony modem can have a built-in router or be used with a separate router. Only some cable companies allow the use of third-party eMTA modems, so be sure to check on your provider’s page here. This rule doesn’t apply to the FCC regulations due to the sophistication of the modems for XFINITY and how they are set up by each provider. Looking at the back of this modem you will see two telephone ports at the top. Below that, you see one yellow ethernet port which is used to connect to a single device such as a router or TV. View all XFINITY Voice Modems.

We should also mention that there are DOCSIS 3.0 and DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems. 3.0 is the most used today but 3.1 is quickly gaining ground as the cable providers update their networks. Perhaps in the next five years or so 3.1 will be the standard.

XFINITY Compatible Modems List

All DOCSIS 3.1 modems for sale now are backward compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 with 32×8 channel bonding. Additionally, all modems built with the faulty Intel Puma 6 Chipset are not listed here for your convenience. You can see the additional list below that shows the modems affected by the poor Chipset. We should also stress that this is not the fault of any modem manufacturer, rather the Chipset maker, Intel.

We have also omitted all modems with the outdated wireless N technology. With those removed, we now only have AC & AX, with AX being the latest release. Also, note that the numeric digits following the AC or AX in the wireless column, is the speed of the wireless transmission. For example, AC3200 would be a wireless AC modem that has a wireless speed of 3200 Mbps / 3.2 Gbps.

XFINITY Modems List 2021
Brand Model # DOCSIS 3.1
Voice Compatible Modem Router Combo
SB6183 16×4
SBG10 16×4 AC1600
SBG6700-AC 8×4 AC1600
SBG6782-AC 8×4 AC1800
SBG6900-AC 16×4 AC1900
SBG6950AC2 16×4 AC1900
SBG7400AC2 24×8 AC2350
SBG7600AC2 32×8 AC2350
SBG8300 AC2350
SBV2402 24×8
SBV3202 32×8
SVG2482AC 24×8 AC1750
TM822G 8×4
TM822R 8×4
ASUS CM-16 16×4
CM-32 32×8 AC2600
CMAX6000 AX6000
Linksys CG7500 24×8 AC1900
CM3008 8×4
Motorola / Zoom MB7420 16×4
MB7621 24×8
MG7550 16×4 AC1900
MG7540 16×4 AC1600
MG7700 24×8 AC1900
MG8702 AC3200
MT7711 24×8 AC1900
NETGEAR C6220 8×4 AC1200
C6230 16×4 AC1200
C6250-100NAS 16×4 AC1600
C6900 24×8 AC1900
C7000v2 24×8 AC1900
C7100V 24×8 AC1900
CM500 16×4
CM500V 16×4
CM600 24×8
CAX30 AX2700
CAX80 AX6000
CBR40 32×8 AC2200
CBR750 AX4200
TP-Link ARCHER CR500 16×4 AC1200
CR1900 24×8 AC1900
TC-7610 8×4
TC-7620 16×4
TC7650 24×8

Comcast Cable Modems FAQ

  1. What are cable modems & do I need one?

    Cable modems are needed to connect to cable providers’ Internet networks. In other words, if you don’t have a cable modem, then you can’t use the Internet. They receive the Internet signal via a coax wire connected to the modem. Most cable companies strive to lease a modem so they can continuously charge an additional fee each month. However, you can buy your own to forgo this never-ending fee cycle. Additionally, an FCC law actually exists so that each company allows you to buy your own cable modem.  Charter Communications was actually fined by the FCC a few years ago for preventing customers from using their own cable modems. However, this law does not apply to the use of voice cable modems, a.k.a, EMTA modems.

  2. What is the best modem for XFINITY?

    One particular modem is not best for everyone. That’s why we are here. The Comcast modem that you need for your individual XFINITY service depends on three factors. With the tips below, you can see that not everyone can use the same XFINITY modem. Therefore, you should not rush into buying because it may not work for your services.

  3. Do I need a new XFINITY modem?

    Because an outdated modem can cause lag on your network, it will hinder receiving your subscribed internet speed. ​​Some people report receiving speeds over their subscribed speed by simply upgrading their modem. Trust Approved Modems to help you find the right XFINITY modem for your service tier.

Tips For Buying New Modems For XFINITY

  1. Internet Speed: If you are unsure what your subscribed speed is, you will find it on your bill. Modems are all built to handle many different speeds, so this is very helpful.
  2. XFINITY Services: The right modem for you depends on your other XFINITY services. Do you have home phone service with Comcast? If so, then you will need an eMTA unit, a.k.a. voice modem built exclusively for XFINITY voice and internet.
  3. WiFi or No WiFi: Do you prefer a modem with built-in WiFi? Or would you like a modem and a separate router?
  1. Most importantly, when buying a replacement modem, always buy a new one.  Consequently, used modems are too often returned because the provider cannot activate them. Most of the time, the modem is registered to another provider or user and can’t be undone. Some used modems even belong to cable companies and therefore, are reported as stolen often.
  2. Always buy from a reputable seller, such as directly from Amazon or authorized third-party sellers. This ensures that you will be able to register any equipment for warranties and/or replacements. If you are a registered customer then the company will contact you directly shall any issues arise such as firmware updates.
  3. Be sure you are at least getting a DOCSIS 3.0 approved modem. This is the most widely used form of DOCSIS today. However, DOCSIS 3.1 is taking off. Most companies require a 3.0 modem or higher. Anything less will hinder the speed of your internet if the provider acknowledges it all.
  4. Be sure the cable modem can support the speed that you subscribe to from your ISP. If you are unsure of your speed tier, you can find this info on your bill or online account.
  5. Select a modem that has enough download channels to support the same speed. This is often a requirement from your provider. You will see this written most of the time as 32×8 (or different numbers), with the first number being download channels and the second upload channels. This is referred to as channel bonding.
  6. Decide if you want a separate modem and router, one with a built-in router or if you need an eMTA uni for phone service.

XFINITY Emergency Broadband Benefit

Comcast Internet Speeds vs Modem Requirements

  • Performance Starter (25 Mbps) & Performance (100 Mbps) - Require a modem with at least 8x4 channel bonding
  • Blast! (200 Mbps) & Extreme (300 Mbps) - The compatible modem must be at least a 16x4 modem
  • Extreme Pro (600 Mbps) - Must use at least a 24x8 bonded modem
  • XFINITY Gig & Gigabit Pro - Must use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem


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For XFINITY Service - Call 1-800-XFINITY or try The XFINITY Assistant