XFINITY Modems 2021
XFINITY Modems 2021

View the most up-to-date and accurate information on XFINITY modems. Other websites that try to copy us, don’t provide reliable info. In fact, there are over 70 modems approved by Comcast. However, the info they provide is not the best either. Over 20 of the modems are not worth buying due to faulty parts, poor feedback, and so forth, all info Comcast chooses to ignore.

Easily find the best one here for your Comcast Internet tier. We give you the best options for each different type. You can also view the lists by type including ones without WiFi, modem/router combos (gateways), voice, and DOCSIS 3.1.

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What Modem For XFINITY?

The modem that you need for your individual XFINITY service depends on three factors. First, your Internet speed. If you are unsure what your subscribed speed is, you will find it on your bill. Modems are all built to handle many different speeds, so this is very helpful. Secondly, the right modem for you depends on your other XFINITY services. Do you have home phone service with Comcast? If so, then you will need an eMTA unit, a.k.a. voice modem built exclusively for XFINITY voice and internet.

Last but not least, would you prefer a modem with built-in WiFi, or would you like a modem and separate router? How big is your home? With that said, you can see that not everyone can use the same XFINITY modem. Therefore, you should not rush into buying just any modem because it may not work for your services. There are many factors that decide for you, which modem you need.

If you are looking for the XFINITY Prepaid Internet plan, you can order a self-install kit on Amazon.

XFINITY Modems List – Feb. 2021

Xfinity Internet Plans & Modem Requirements

  • Performance Starter (25 Mbps) & Performance (100 Mbps)
    • Require a modem with at least 8×4 channel bonding
  • Blast! (200 Mbps) & Extreme (300 Mbps)
    • Compatible modem must be at least a 16×4 modem
  • Extreme Pro (600 Mbps)
    • Must use at least a 24×8 bonded modem
  • XFINITY Gig & Gigabit Pro
    • Must use a DOCSIS 3.1 modem
Top XFINITY Cable Modems

XFINITY Modem Router, a.k.a. Gateways

XFINITY gateways, most often referred to as a modem router combo, have a built-in router. Therefore, you will not need a separate router. The advantages of a gateway are that they are easier to set up, take up less space, and not so many messy wires.

DOCSIS 3.1 Gigabit Modems

All of these modems are DOCSIS 3.1. Some have WiFi capabilities and others do not. The same goes for voice capabilities. All current 3.1 modems are backward compatible with 3.0.

NETGEAR – Understanding DOCSIS 3.1 & WiFi-6

Comcast Voice Modems

Voice modems, a.k.a eMTA, are needed if you have XFINITY home phone service, not mobile service. If you have Double Play or Triple Play, chances are you are paying for this service, especially if you have the Triple Play package.

CM500V XFINITY Voice Modem

Frequently Asked Questions

Other XFINITY Accessories

Comcast is the largest cable Internet provider in the USA. The Comcast Corp. has service available in 40 States.”>Comcast Internet Availability Map

For XFINITY Service – Call 1-800-XFINITY or try The XFINITY Assistant

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