WoW Cable Modems – Compatibility List 2021

WoW - Wide Open West Modems

Stop paying monthly lease fees for WoW Modems by buying one of these cable modems. These are all compatible with WOW! (WideOpenWest) and have been certified for use. Those with home phone service through WOW! will need to lease a modem from Wide Open West with a monthly charge. 

ARRIS SURFboard Gateway SBG6950-AC2 WoW Modem

  • Cable Modem and Wireless / Wired Router In One Unit
  • 16 x 4 Channel Bonding
  • 4 Port Ethernet for Wired connections
  • Approved For WideOpenWest Tiers Up To 200 Mbps
  • Built With The Latest Wireless Technology, AC, Providing Faster and Further Wireless Signal
  • Find out more on Amazon

ARRIS / Motorola SurfBoard SB6183 WOW! Cable Modem

List Of WoW Modems & WiFi Cable Modems

The following is a list of WoW modems and WiFi cable modems that work with WideOpenWest Internet services. As of July 2021, WoW! no longer allows for the use of DOCSIS 3.0 4×4 or 8×4 channel bonded cable modems. As a matter of fact, a 24×8 or faster modem is recommended.

Modem Model# Channels
Down / Up
Top Service
Speed – Mbps
Type & Speed
ARRIS SB6183 16 x 4 200
NETGEAR CM500 16 x 4 200
Motorola MB7420 16 x 4 200
TP-Link TC-7620 16 x 4 200
NETGEAR CM600 24 x 8 600
TP-Link TC-7650 24 x 8 600
NETGEAR CM1000 3.1 (2×2) / 3.0 (32×8) 1000
ARRIS SB8200 3.1 (2×2) / 3.0 (32×8) 1000
Motorola MB8600 3.1 (2X2) / 3.0 (32×8) 1000
ARRIS SBG6900-AC 16 x 4 200 AC1900
Motorola MG7550 16 x 4 200 AC1900
NETGEAR C6250 16 x 4 200 AC1600
Motorola MG7540 16 x 4 200 AC1600
TP-Link Archer CR500 16 x 4 200 AC1200
NETGEAR C6900 24 x 8 600 AC1900
NETGEAR C7000 24 x 8 600 AC1900
TP-Link CR1900 24 x 8 600 AC1900

WoW Cable Modems FAQ

What Cable Modems Work With WoW! – WideOpenWest

There are a lot of cable modems that work with WOW. Only DOCSIS 3.0 or 3.1 modems are allowed on the WideOpenWest network. We suggest you use a modem with at least 8×4 channel bonding. View a list of modems that work with WOW here. 

What Is The Best Cable Modem For WOW?

If you subscribe to speeds of 200 Mbps or lower, the best modem for you would be the ARRIS SBS6141. If you’d like a WiFi cable modem, we suggest the SBG6900AC. Other modems are listed here as well that work with higher WOW service tiers.

How Much Is WOW Internet A Month?

Depending on the service speed you select, you can expect to pay anywhere from $29.99 to $79.99 or even higher a month.