Grande Communications Cable Modems

Grande Communications Cable Modems 2021
Grande Communications Cable Modems 2021

Grande Communications Cable Modems listed here are based on reviews, ratings, and more from across the Web. These are the top Grande modems as listed per tier. Customers with Internet service from Grande Communications will find the following cable modems and gateways to be compatible with Grande Communications. You can save money on your cable bill by buying a new Grande modem. Important Info:  Digital Phone customers must use a Grande eMTA for their phone service. You can elect to use your own modem for the Internet but would still have to rent an eMTA unit for phone service.

Best Grande Communications Modems

Based on the research of ratings and reviews, we find these modems to be the best for Grande. Voice customers must use a modem provided by Grande at this time.

Arris SURFboard SB6183 Grande Communications Modem

  • Grande Communications modem supports speeds up to 400 Mbps (Power 400)
  • The modem only can be used with a separate router of choice
  • Compatible with most other major cable companies as well
  • 16 download / 4 upload channels provide faster processing

Arris SBG6950AC2 Modem Router Combo Gateway

  • For Grande Speed Tiers Up To Power 400
  • Modem and Wireless AC Router Together – No Need To Buy A Separate Router
  • 4 Wired Ethernet Ports
  • 16 X 4 Channel Bonding
  • AC1900 WiFi router / WiFi Access Point built-in
  • Backward Compatible To Wireless B/G/N ​​
  • One Front USB Port For Sharing a Printer or USB Drive Across Your Network
  • View more info on Amazon

Grande Guidelines For Selecting a New Modem

BEST PERFORMANCE: DOCSIS 3.0  24X8 (24 channels down / 8 channels up) or better

The minimum requirement for POWER 50 is at least a DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4)

The minimum requirement for POWER 200, POWER 300, or POWER 400 is a DOCSIS 3.0 (16×4)

The minimum requirement for POWER 600 or POWER 1000 (1Gbps by 50Mbps) speeds is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem