Comcast Business Modems & Routers List

Comcast Business Cable Modems

Comcast Business customers can buy their own cable modem under certain circumstances. Compare Comcast Business modems here and get rid of the extra monthly fees. Easily find the best modem for your service. If you have internet-only service and none of the following, you can use your own modem.

  • Internet with Static IPPno
  • Internet with Connection ProPno
  • Internet with SmartOfficePno
  • Internet with WiFi ProPno
  • Internet with Security Edge 

Business Modem For Tiers Up To 300 Mbps

  • Compatible with Basic Connect, Starter, Deluxe 25, Deluxe 50, Business Internet 75, Deluxe 100 Plus, Business Internet 150, and Business Internet 300 Tiers
  • Easy online self-activation 
  • 16×4 channel bonding
  • Requires a separate router​ if more than one wired or any wireless connection is needed

Comcast Business Modems – 2021 List

These are all stand-alone cable modems supported by Comcast Business. No WiFi cable modems are compatible so these modems will have to be used with a router or mesh router system. Sort table by touching or clicking on column headers.

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Model #
3.0 / 3.1
Down / Up
ArrisSB61413.08×4150 Mbps
ArrisSB61833.016×4200 Mbps
ArrisSB82003.0 / 3.132×81000 Mbps
MotorolaMB72203.08×4150 Mbps
MotorolaMB74203.016×4200 Mbps
MotorolaMB76213.024×8300 Mbps
MotorolaMB8600 (Amazon)3.0 / 3.132×81000 Mbps
NetgearCM4003.08×4150 Mbps
NetgearCM5003.016×4200 Mbps
NetgearCM6003.024×8300 Mbps
NetgearCM10003.0 / 3.132×81000 Mbps
NetgearCM1100 (Amazon)3.0 / 3.132×81000 Mbps
NetgearCM12003.0 / 3.132×81000 Mbps
TP-LinkTC-76103.08×4150 Mbps
TP-LinkTC-76203.016×4200 Mbps
TP-LinkTC-76503.024×8300 Mbps
Zoom Telephonics53453.08×4150 Mbps
Comcast Business Compatible Modems

NETGEAR Orbi Pro AC3000 Business Mesh WiFi System, 3-Pack, Wireless Access Point (SRK60B03)

  • 7,500 SQUARE FEET | Blanket your Home Office, Restaurant, or Commercial location with blazing fast WiFi
  • TRI-BAND WI-FI AND MU-MIMO | Maximize Internet speeds available throughout your business
  • SINGLE WI-FI NETWORK | Secure, Easy setup, works with your existing internet service
  • TRAFFIC SEPARATION | Dedicated portal for Guest/Customer, Employees, Admin/Manager
  • UP TO 120 CONNECTIONS | High-performance AC3000 Wi-Fi (40 connections per unit)

Comcast Business Internet Speeds and Tiers

These are the speeds Comcast offers and the package name they correlate with. When looking for Comcast Business modems you only have to pay attention to the download speeds you obtain from Comcast.

Tier Name = Download Speed / Upload Speed

Basic Connect = 10 Mbps
Starter = 15 Mbps
Deluxe 25 = 25 Mbps
Deluxe 50 = 50 Mbps
Business Internet 75 = 75 Mbps
Deluxe 100 Plus = 100 Mbps
Business Internet 150 = 150 Mbps
Business Internet 300 = 300 Mbps
Business Internet 500 = 500 Mbps
Business 1 Gigabit = 1000 Mbps / 1 Gbps

Information about Comcast Business modems on this page is cumulative of information found here:


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