Grande Communications Modem & Top 12 Modems Per Tier

Grande Cable Modems

Customers with Internet service from Grande Communications will find the following cable modems and gateways to be compatible. You can save money on your cable bill by buying a new Grande Communications modem. Important Info:  Digital Phone customers must use a Grande eMTA for their phone service. You can elect to use your own modem for the Internet but would still have to rent an eMTA unit for phone service.

Best Grande Communications Modems

Based on the research of ratings and reviews, we find these modems to be the best for Grande. There is another list below that displays all compatible Grande modems. Voice customers must use a modem provided by Grande at this time.

Top Support Grande Tier Best Modem (No WiFi) Best WiFi Cable Modem Voice
Power 50 NETGEAR CM400
On Amazon
Motorola MG7540
Power 200 NETGEAR CM500 Motorola MG7540
Power 300 NETGEAR CM600 ARRIS SBG6950AC2
On Amazon
Power 400 ARRIS SB6183 ARRIS SBG6950AC2On Amazon
Power 600 Must Use DOCSIS 3.1 NETGEAR CM1200 ARRIS SBG8300
Power 1000 Must Use DOCSIS 3.1 NETGEAR CM1200 ARRIS SBG8300

Arris SURFboard SB6183 – Grande Communications Modem

  • Grande Communications modem supports speeds up to 400 Mbps (Power 400)
  • The modem only can be used with a separate router of choice
  • Compatible with most other major cable companies as well
  • 16 download / 4 upload channels provide faster processing
  • View more on the ARRIS SB6183 Cable Modem

Complete Grande Cable Modem List

The following is a list of Grande Communications modems that are compatible with Grande.

BrandMPN / Model#DOCSIS 3.1DOCSIS 3.0 Channels Down / UpTop Supported Grande SpeedWiFi Type Speed AX=WiFi 6 AC=WiFi 5
NetgearOrbi CBR75032 x 8Power 1000AX4200
NetgearNighthawk CM200032 x 8Power 1000
NetgearNighthawk CAX8032 x 8Power 1000AX6000
TP-LinkTC-765024 x 8Power 400
NetgearCM120032 x 8Power 1000
NetgearCBR4032 x 8Power 400AC2200
NetgearCM1100 amazon32 x 8Power 1000
NetgearC750024 x 8Power 400
NetgearC690024 x 8Power 400AC1900
MotorolaMG7700 amazon24 x 8Power 400AC1900
MotorolaMG754016 x 4Power 400AC1600
MotorolaMB762124 x 8Power 400
LinksysCM301616 x 4Power 400
LinksysCM302424 x 8Power 400
LinksysCG750024 x 8Power 400AC1900
AsusCM1616 x 4Power 400AC2600
AsusCM3232 x 8Power 400
ArrisSBG830032 x 8Power 1000AC2350
ArrisSBG7600AC232 x 8Power 400AC2350
ArrisSBG740024 x 8Power 400AC2350
ArrisSBG695016 x 4Power 400AC1900
ArrisSBG1016 x 4Power 400AC1600
Zoom5341J8 x 4Power 50
ArrisSB61418 x 4Power 50
D-LinkDCM3018 x 4Power 50
LinksysCM30088 x 4Power 50
MotorolaMB72208 x 4Power 50
NetgearCM4008 x 4Power 50
TP-LinkTC-76108 x 4Power 50
Zoom5341J8 x 4Power 50
NetgearCM100032 x 8Power 1000
ArrisSB820032 x 8Power 1000
ArrisSB618316 x 4Power 400
MotorolaMB742016 x 4Power 400
NetgearCM50016 x 4Power 400
NetgearCM60024 x 8Power 400
TP-LinkTC-762016 x 4Power 400
Zoom537016 x 4Power 400
ArrisSBG6700AC8 x 4Power 50AC1600
ArrisSBG6782AC8 x 4Power 50AC1750
NetgearC62208 x 4Power 50AC1200
Zoom53638 x 4Power 50AC1900
ArrisSBG690016 x 4Power 400AC1900
ArrisSBG758032 x 8Power 400AC1750
MotorolaMG755016 x 4Power 400AC1900
NetgearC625016 x 4Power 400AC1600
NetgearC630016 x 4Power 400AC1750
NetgearC700024 x 8Power 400AC1900
TP-LinkArcher CR70016 x 4Power 400AC1750
NetgearC780032 x 8Power 1000AC3200
MotorolaMB8600 amazon32 x 8Power 1000

Arris SBG6950AC2 Modem/Router Combo Gateway

  • For Grande Speed Tiers Up To Power 400
  • Modem and Wireless AC Router Together – No Need To Buy A Separate Router
  • 4 Wired Ethernet Ports
  • 16 X 4 Channel Bonding
  • AC1900 WiFi router / WiFi Access Point built-in
  • Backward Compatible To Wireless B/G/N ​​
  • One Front USB Port For Sharing a Printer or USB Drive Across Your Network
  • View more info on Amazon

What modems are compatible with Grande Communications?

The modems on this page are all supported by Grande. Through customer feedback and ratings, we know these modems will work with Grande. See the list above for all newer modems.

Can I buy my own modem for Grande?

Yes, you can. However, if you have phone service through Grande, you will still need to rent an eMTA unit from them. See modems that will work with Grande here.

Follow These Guidelines When Buying A New Grande Modem:

  • BEST PERFORMANCE: DOCSIS 3.0  24X8 (24 channels down / 8 channels up) or better
  • The minimum requirement for POWER 50 is at least a DOCSIS 3.0 (8×4)
  • The minimum requirement for POWER 200, POWER 300, or POWER 400 is a DOCSIS 3.0 (16×4)
  • The minimum requirement for POWER 600 or POWER 1000 (1Gbps by 50Mbps) speeds is a DOCSIS 3.1 modem

Grande Communications Cable Modems