Motorola MT7711 XFINITY Voice WiFi Modem Reviews

Motorola MT7711 Modem Reviews
The Motorola MT7711 is one of the latest WiFi cable modems built with voice capabilities. It is currently only approved for Comcast Voice customers. ​The Motorola MT7711 provides speeds up to 600 Mbps so it is compatible with tiers up to Extreme Pro. Also, it has a built-in AC1900 WiFi router with Power Boost and AnyBeam beamforming providing a longer range than most modem and router combos. Furthermore, supports 2 separate phone lines.

Motorola MT7711 Overviews

The Motorola MT7711 is an all-in-one voice device that functions as both a WiFi access point and VoIP modem. It supports the DOCSIS (3.0) standard for cable data speeds of up to 343Mbps while supporting up to 16 high-quality telephone lines. This allows you to receive VoIP service through your existing high-speed internet connection without multiple phone lines or line rental fees!

As a complete hybrid modem router solution, it replaces your current ATA (analog telephone adapter), digital subscriber line (DSL) router, and wireless router with one easy-to-configure device. The powerful internal antenna system provides exceptional coverage throughout your home or office. Plus, no more dead spots in your network!

The MT7711’s WiFi capabilities allow you to wirelessly share your high-speed internet connection with multiple computers and devices, such as laptops or tablets. You can also use it to create a secure guest network that allows visitors access to your home without having access to the rest of the network. Plus, its Infrastructure mode support enables you to connect directly to an existing wireless router and use it for WiFi backhaul (connecting two routers together).

This feature gives you superior coverage throughout large homes and offices. On the VoIP side, the MT7711 supports up to eight SIP accounts associated with different telephone numbers so that when calls come in over one number they are routed accordingly. It even comes with a built-in Bluetooth chip for wireless headsets.

Best of all, the MT7711 is compatible with Comcast VoIP service as well as other cable services that use the DOCSIS 3.0 standard such as Cox and Wave Broadband!

Motorola MT7711 Quick Specs

Top Speed600 Mbps
DOCSIS Version3.0
Channel Bonding24×8
WiFiAC1900 (WiFi 5 / 1900 Mbps)
Voice2 Voice Lines
Where To BuyAmazon
Motorola MT7711 XFINITY Voice Modem Specs
  • Requires Comcast Xfinity Internet Service – Approved by and for use with Comcast Xfinity and Xfinity X1. This product will not work with any other Internet service provider.
  • Save Money – Eliminate up to $168 in cable modem rental fees per year. Say goodbye to monthly rental fees and landline phone costs.

The Motorola MT7711 combines a 24×8 WiFi cable modem with two XFINITY Voice compatible phone ports. Combining the cable modem, router, and telephone ports keeps workspaces clean and organized. This cable modem is suitable for use for every speed up to the 600 Mbps service available from Comcast XFINITY.

Motorola MT7711 Reviews


The Motorola MT7711 is a wireless modem capable of 4G LTE speeds with speeds up to 150 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream. It’s designed for the XFINITY Voice & Internet Service by Comcast, Cox, Charter (Spectrum), Mediacom, Suddenlink, Cable One, and other cable internet providers. Motorola says this modem supports 24 bonded channels giving you faster download speeds than most modems that only use 8 channels. You can also connect multiple devices directly to this modem using the built-in WiFi without the need for an additional router or switch. The sleek design of this device allows you to place it horizontally or vertically on any shelf or flat surface.

The size of the box is slightly bigger than my previous modem, this is because of the fan that cools the modem.

The back of the box has indicators that tell you when it’s in ‘Online’, ‘Download’, or ‘Upload’ mode. Another indicator shows you when your connection is active and one more to show when there are faults on your line. Looking at this image I can see an Ethernet port, two phone ports for basic telephone service along with connector slots to connect coaxial cable jacks for cable internet providers like Comcast or Cox. The bottom of the modem has rubber feet to keep it from sliding around when you push your shelf open or closed.

There are 4 colors of LEDs on the front panel which indicate different things depending on what type of traffic they’re connected to e.g.

So far I’ve had no issues with the light being too bright, however, if you have this modem next to your bed or it’s in your living room you might find them a bit distracting when the lights are off and they’re both flashing away.

For some reason, Motorola decided to place their logo where you can see it on all of their devices and so it is here and if that bothers you then maybe this isn’t the right modem for you. Like most modems out there today there is no access to any of the hardware inside, if anything fails with this modem then guess what? You just bought yourself a new one because there’s nothing else anyone can do besides replace it.


Once you receive your modem it’s very simple, connect one end of a single CAT5E or CAT6 wire to the yellow internet port on the back and then to the back of your PC’s ethernet card. After that, you’re ready to go as soon as you plug your computer into a power outlet and turn it on. You’ll be prompted by Windows 10 to configure your network connections so just click ‘next’ over and over until everything is set up.


This wireless gateway supports speeds up to 150 Mbps downstream and 50 Mbps upstream for XFINITY Internet service from Comcast, Cox, Charter (Spectrum), Mediacom, Suddenlink, Cable One, and other cable internet providers.

  • The two phone ports on the back can be used for basic landline telephone service or VoIP connections.
  • The built-in WiFi supports up to 32 wireless devices and can connect up to eight devices directly. This means that if you have 8 devices connected directly, there is no need for another router, switch, or extra wires just so everyone can connect to the internet at once.

The included 2 x 2 AC power adapter with a detachable 6 ft cord allows you to place your new gateway in any convenient location throughout your home and enjoy fast speeds and excellent voice quality even while streaming HD video.

Currently, the speed of my connection is:

  • Downstream 144 Mbps (37% faster than advertised)
  • Upstream 24 Mbps (39% slower than advertised)

I’m not sure if this is because I have a different type of service from Suddenlink or what, but as long as the speeds aren’t terrible I’m happy.

Pros & Cons


  • The voice calling feature works well.
  • No problems with Xfinity voice service.
  • WiFi range is good enough to use in other rooms of my house or while outside, which was my main concern because I didn’t want to create an unsightly mess of wires like I did with the DSL modem.
  • The price for this device was reasonable, though it seems exclusive to Xfinity; you can’t get this functionality at their online store.
  • The router is very easy to set up. It’s fast, considering how many people are using it.
  • No service interruption during the transition from Time Warner Cable modem.


  • While switching between WIFI devices (from a laptop, phone, etc.) can be done manually by pressing a button on the back, it doesn’t seem possible to do the same when setting up different guest accounts or getting into parental controls (which is why I got the modem in the first place). This issue seems like it could be resolved with a firmware update, so hopefully, it’ll get fixed eventually.

Motorola MT7711 24×8 Cable Modem/Router Unboxing


For those who want to save money on their phone bill and save some space on their countertop, the Motorola MT7711 XFINITY Voice WiFi Modem is a good option. It works very well and has all the functionality you would expect from a modem. The voice option is very affordable and can help to eliminate some of your landline phone expenses.

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