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Approved Modems & lists help you to find the best cable modem for ISP, speed, and services. We have been assisting consumers for over 10 years. We let you know what is worth (and not worth) buying based on extensive research and reviews. Easily find the best compatible modem for your individual Internet tier and services.

Different Types of Approved Modems

Approved modems can be broken down into many different categories and sub-categories. Below are the most common and requested types of cable modems.

Do Not Buy Modems List

These are cable modems listed with a bad Puma 6 chipset. You may see other sites with many more faulty modems listed. They have completely overdone it and went over the top listing modems with all Intel Chipsets as bad. However, this is not the case. Only those with the Intel Puma 6 are faulty. Just another reason Approved Modems is around, that is, to help the consumer make an informed and accurate decision.

Arris SB6190 (Best Replacement – ARRIS SB8200)

Arris TG1672G

Arris TM1602

Super Hub 3 (Arris TG2492LG)  (commonly, Virgin Media)

Hitron CGN3 / CDA / CGNV series modems:

Hitron CDA-32372

  • Hitron CDE-32372
  • Hitron CDA3-35
  • Hitron CGNV4
  • Hitron CGNM-3552 (commonly, Rogers)
  • Hitron CGN3 (eg CGN3-ACSMR)
  • Hitron CGNM-2250 (commonly, Shaw)
  • Linksys CM3024
  • Linksys CM3016
  • TP-Link CR7000
  • Netgear AC1750 C6300 AC1900
  • Netgear CM700 (Best Replacement – NETGEAR CM1000)
  • Telstra Gateway Max (Netgear AC1900 / C6300) (Australia)
  • Cisco DPC3848V
  • Cisco DPC3941B / DPC3941T  (commonly, Comcast Xfinity XB3)
  • Cisco DPC3939
  • Compal CH7465-LG / Arris TG2492LG (commonly, Virgin Media Hub 3)

You can read more about the ongoing class-action lawsuit here.

Puma 6 Cable Modem Chipset Defect — Schubert Jonckheer …

www.classactionlawyers.com › puma6

Most Popular Cable Modems


The NETGEAR CM500 cable modem is ideal for XFINITY Blast and Extreme customers. However, it is compatible with almost every cable provider. The CM500 is for speed tiers mostly up to 300 Mbps. ​It is Cable Labs and DOCSIS 3.0 certified and is 16X faster than 2.0 devices. Next to the ARRIS SB6141, this cable… Read More »NETGEAR CM500 DOCSIS 3.0 No WiFi

ARRIS SBG10 WiFi AC1600 Modem Router

The ARRIS SBG10 is a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem with a built-in WiFi router. This is one of the best cable modem/router combo because it is cheaper than most other brands’ equivalent products. Also, It is made by the best-selling cable modem brand.

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