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Best Cable Modems helps you to find the best cable modem for Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Spectrum, and many more internet providers. We let you know what is worth, and not worth buying based on real product testing, research, and reviews. Make an informed decision before buying a new cable modem.

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Tips To Find The Best Modem For Your Needs

Tips To Buying a New Cable Modem

Tips on how to find the best cable modem for Comcast XFINITY, Cox, Spectrum, and more. Get the right modem the first time to suit your individual needs. Not one cable modem is best for everyone.

  • Your subscription level warrants what type of cable modem you need. We will talk more about that in a minute. But first, if you do not know your Internet speed, now is the time to find it. Check your cable bill or your online account to find this information.
  • Now you know your Internet speed tier. Let’s go over DOCSIS. If you subscribe to speeds of 800 Mbps or higher, you will need a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem. If you are below that tier, you will need a DOCSIS 3.0 cable modem. However, in our opinion, if you subscribe to speeds of 500 Mbps or over, we suggest a DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem.

Buying a New Cable Modem

  • Select a modem that has enough download channels that supports your subscribed speed. This is often a requirement from your provider. You will see this written most of the time as 32×8 (or different numbers), with the first number being download channels and the second upload channels. This is referred to as channel bonding.
  • Do you prefer a modem with built-in WiFi? Or would you like a modem and a separate router?
  • Most importantly, when buying a replacement modem, always buy a new one.  Consequently, used modems are too often returned because the provider cannot activate them. Most of the time, the modem is registered to another provider or user and can’t be undone. Some used modems even belong to cable companies and therefore, are reported as stolen often.
  • Always buy from a reputable seller, such as directly from Amazon or authorized third-party sellers. This ensures that you will be able to register any equipment for warranties and/or replacements. If you are a registered customer then the company will contact you directly shall any issues arise such as firmware updates.

Do Not Buy – Bad Intel Puma 6 Chipset

Cable Modems With Faulty Puma 6 Chipset

These are cable modems with the bad Puma 6 chipset. You may see other sites with many more faulty modems listed. They have completely overdone it and went over the top listing modems with all Intel Chipsets as bad. However, this is not the case. Only those with the Intel Puma 6 are faulty. Just another reason Best Cable Modems is around, that is, to help the consumer make an informed and accurate decision.

  • Arris SB6190
  • Arris TG1672G
  • Arris TM1602
  • Super Hub 3 (Arris TG2492LG)  (commonly, Virgin Media)
  • Hitron CGN3 / CDA / CGNV series modems:
  • Hitron CDA-32372
  • Hitron CDE-32372
  • Hitron CDA3-35
  • Hitron CGNV4
  • Hitron CGNM-3552 (commonly, Rogers)
  • Hitron CGN3 (eg CGN3-ACSMR)
  • Hitron CGNM-2250 (commonly, Shaw)
  • Linksys CM3024
  • Linksys CM3016
  • TP-Link CR7000
  • Netgear AC1750 C6300 AC1900
  • Netgear CM700
  • Telstra Gateway Max (Netgear AC1900 / C6300) (Australia)
  • Cisco DPC3848V
  • Cisco DPC3941B / DPC3941T  (commonly, Comcast Xfinity XB3)
  • Cisco DPC3939
  • Compal CH7465-LG / Arris TG2492LG (commonly, Virgin Media Hub 3)
  • Samsung Home Media Server

You can read more about the ongoing class-action lawsuit here. Puma 6 Cable Modem Chipset Defect — Schubert Jonckheer … › puma6

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